Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to have a possum removed from my roof?

Melbourne Possum Control provide a reliable and cost-effective service, which is guaranteed for 12 months.


Our standard fees ares between $200 to $330, which includes:

  • Inspection of roof
  • Sealing all identified entry and exit points (tp to four entry points)
  • Fitting of a one-way flap
  • Removal of the one-way flap (once the possum has exited your roof).

For an additional $55, a possum relocation box can be supplied and set-up.


The price may vary between the quoted rates, depending on the condition of your roof (in relation to the number of identified entry and exit points). There may be additional costs associated with the possum removal if it is determined that your roof requires a large amount of work (above and beyond general sealing of entry and exit points). Additional fees are not common however, and all costs will be discussed with you before we begin to remove the possum from your roof. 


Are possums protected?

Yes. In Victoria, possums are a protected native species under the Wildlife Act 1975. Therefore, there are strict requirements that must be adhered to when handling possums protected under this legislation. Failure to comply, may result in penalties.


Can I trap the possum myself?

There are strict rules regarding the trapping and relocation of possums, which if breached, can result in hefty fines.  While you should always obtain your own advice, the short answer is that:

  • you may never trap a Brushtail Possum; and
  • only the homeowner or licensed person (us, Melbourne Possum Control) can trap a Ringtail Possum. However, the possum must be released within 50 metres of that house, and on the same day that the possum has been trapped.

It is our view that the best approach is to call Melbourne Possum Control to remove the possum from your roof, for two reasons. One, removing a possum from your roof is an extremely stressful and traumatic experience for a possum, which if not done efficiently, is inhumane. Two, if you remove a possum from your roof without fixing the source of the problem (in this case entry points) another possum or possibly the same will soon inhabit your roof once again.


How will you know where to find the possum’s entry point to our roof?

Melbourne Possum Control staff are fully qualified roofers, which means that we are experienced in identifying problems with roofs.  With years of experience in the roofing industry, any gaps, holes or general issues with your roof that provides possums with access to your roof will be easily identified by our staff.


As part of our possum removal service, Melbourne Possum Control staff will not only locate the entry points, but will fix the problem by undertaking the necessary repairs to seal all entry points for the long term.


Will you damage my roof when removing the possum?

Melbourne Possum Control will not cause any damage to your roof during the course of removing the possums. We’re experienced roofers, who are accustomed to, and comfortable, accessing and working on residential roofs.


What if the possum returns?

Melbourne Possum Control provides a 12-month guarantee. This means that if you experience any further issues with possums during that period, arising from the roof entry points, we’ll return free of charge, until the issue is resolved.


Why don’t you use a possum trap—isn’t it quicker?

Although Melbourne Possum Control is licensed to trap possums, we endeavour to provide a humane and stress-free approach to possum removal. As such, our preferred approach to possum removal is to fit a one-way flap that allows the possum to exit on their own accord. While our approach may take a little longer than using a standard trap, we believe that this is the best approach to possum removal.


Is using a one-way flap an effective way to remove possums from our roof?

Yes, a one-way flap door is proven to be an effective approach to removing possums from your roof. Of course, the effectiveness of this approach is largely dependent upon all entry points being sealed before the one-way flag is fit. As Melbourne Possum Control staff are experienced in the roofing industry, we are able to detect and remedy entry points to ensure that once the possum leaves your roof, it can’t re-enter.


What happens to the one-way flap on our roof?

Generally, after 3 days Melbourne Possum Control will return to your property to remove the one-way flap from your roof, and will at that time completely seal your roof. Of course, we will only do this once you are confident that that possum has exited your roof—therefore, we will make contact with you prior to removing the one-way flap. 


Do you also fit possum relocation boxes?

Yes, Melbourne Possum Control can provide and fit a possum nesting box should you wish. We make the nesting boxes ourselves using durable and safe materials to ensure the box provides the possum with a desirable habitat away from your roof.


How much is a possum relocation box?

Melbourne Possum Control nesting boxes retail for $55 each (which includes setting up the relocation box in an appropriate area).


Why should I get a possum relocation box, won’t the possum find somewhere else to live regardless?

Melbourne Possum Control recommends fitting a possum relocation box. A relocation box will provide the possum, a protected native species, with an alternative location to reside away from your roof. In addition, once removed, having an alternate habitat available will decrease the chances of the possum seeking to re-enter your roof.


If you have any other questions regarding possum removal, please get in touch with us.