Welcome to Melbourne Possum Control

Melbourne Possum Control is a Melbourne based company licensed to remove possums living in your roof.


Aside from the often intolerable and loud noise that a possum can make, they can cause serious damage to your roof if not removed quickly. Melbourne Possum Control provides an effective, humane and affordable possum removal solution across Melbourne, so that you can sleep easily at night, once again.


Melbourne Possum Control is the only possum removal company in Melbourne to call. All of our staff are experienced in the roofing industry, which means that we’re able to easily navigate our way across your roof to ensure that all possum entry points are located and subsequently sealed. Another added advantage to having professional roofers on your roof is for the obvious reason, which is the added guarantee that we will not cause any damage to the exterior of your roof while we are carrying out our possum removal service.Melbourne Possum Control provides a reliable possum removal service across Melbourne that is guaranteed for 12 months. We also work on the premise that a stress-free service for all is the best solution. Accordingly, Melbourne Possum Control doesn’t handle or trap the possums when removing them from your roof. Instead, we provide for a stress-free removal of the possum from your roof by fitting a one-way trap door to your roof, which allows the possum to exit on their own accord. Of course, prior to this, we have sealed all of the identified entry points into your roof.


Melbourne Possum Control also offers supply and set-up of possum relocation (nesting) boxes for those wishing to ensure that that possum, albeit pesky, is accommodated elsewhere. This approach provides the possum with alternate accommodation, away from your roof.

  • Effective and humane possum removal
  • Qualified roofers with experience in detecting and repairing all types of roof
  • Guaranteed for 12 months
  • Licensed under the Wildlife Act 1975
  • Affordable prices
  • Supplier and fitter of possum nesting boxes

If you’re tired of listening to the pitter-patter of possums in your roof at night, but want a stress free removal for the possum contact Melbourne Possum Control today.


Contact us today using the contact form, by calling us on 0435 835 360, or emailing us at info@melbournepossumcontrol.com.au